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The programme structure

The Executive MBA is Shipping and Logistics is designed to address the challenges and developments in the maritime industry. The subjects chosen and the currency of the content covered will allow you to develop a holistic view of the industry. And not only that, the enviable skillset that you'll hone will be second to none to meet the ever-evolving challenges facing industry professionals both now and in the future.

The programme consists of eight modules, each of which is followed by an individual assignment, plus a final integrated strategy project (ISP); which constitute the final master thesis.

A modular programme, designed for the experienced professional

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Understanding the industry

Module 1 provides you with a basic understanding of the shipping industry, focusing on the role of the sector in the global economy and giving you an introduction to shipping economics.

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Understanding the global environment

Modules 2 & 3 will give you a background for understanding how the world economy works, covering the drivers for globalisation, trade patterns, supply chain management and the logistical implications of this development.

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Focus on maritime issues

In modules 4 & 5 you will devote yourself to the industry-specific issues such as maritime law, ship knowledge and technical operational management. The modules also incorporate the important aspect of information and communication technology development.

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Core management issues

In modules 6, 7 & 8 you will focus on the central topics of business management, taking in investment analysis, finance and risk management, organisational theory and company strategy.

The Integrated Strategy project

The Integrated Strategy Project (ISP) concludes the programme and consists of a three-step process, with an oral presentation at the end of each. This final presentation serves, as your oral defence of the ISP thesis.

Module content and location

Please find an overview of the modules and dates below for the programme starting in September 2023.

  • Pre-MBA (optional)

    Shipping as a Business and a Market

    Understanding the global environment

    Focus on Maritime issues

    Core management issues

    Integrated strategy project (ISP/thesis)


Jan Peder Myklebost
The Blue MBA expands your leadership and management toolbox, eqips you with deep industry knowledge, and provides a unique platform to navigate an ocean of challenges and opportunities in a transformative time for the shipping and maritime industry.

Jan Peder Mykelbost

Head of Shipping and Inbound Logistics at Norsk Hydro & current Blue MBA participant

What to expect at the end of the programme

New knowledge

You will be competitive for the international job market as you will have received relevant and rigorous (= research based) insight and knowledge provided by academic faculty in cooperation with high level executives. In the programme, interdisciplinary knowhow is transferred through workshops, seminars and the interdisciplinary project – combining shipping, law, economics, operations/supply chain management, marketing, organisation and finance. You will acquire content knowledge as well as social knowledge through the diversity in faculty and class composition.

New skills
You will possess the theories, methods, tools needed to understand the whole complexity of the industry. You will also further your social skills by coaching techniques, negotiation skills, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication training.

New competences
You will be able to apply the set of theories, methods and tools and you will be able to solve strategic, tactical and operative problems covering the whole range of shipping related issues. You will also be able to apply social skills to demonstrate leadership.

A triple-accredited education, valuable across the globe

CBS is among the one percent of business schools in the world holding the sought-after triple-accreditation: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Through this international and broad recognition of the quality of the school and the CBS Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics programme, you can be certain that they are getting the best business education. In addition, the programme is also accredited by ACE and PIMS in Denmark.

*CREDITS: The Blue MBA has 60 ECT points

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Contact the CBS Blue MBA Programme Director, Irene Rosberg at ir.mba@cbs.dk and request our brochure.

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